About Fratelli Ricci

Fratelli Ricci with over 50 years of experience has been manufacturing chemicals required by metallurgy (metalworking), textile, ceramic and other industries.
Fratelli Ricci products are being manufactured utilizing the most recent technology, completely mechanized production line, considering significance of environmental aspects.
Due to the constant investment in technical, financial and human resources, Fratelli Ricci has always been a number one science-technical based organization.
Having benefited from a knowledge -based organization as well as keeping close contact and co-operation with clients, enables Fratelli Ricci to identify customer needs  and suggest proper solutions.
In addition to maintaining this close contact with clients, Fratelli Ricci provides necessary supports through its most proficient process engineers on a very top level.     

Steel Industries

Aluminum Industries
  • Additives for Aluminum Rolling
  • Hydraulic Oil Compatible with Aluminum Rolling Fluids
  • Base Oils for Aluminum Rolling