About Sarooyeh

Sarooyeh Company with the aim of providing strategic and special lubricants for the steel and aluminum industries was established in 2010.
The vital role of supplying lubricants requirements in the steel and aluminum manufacturing units has always been a major challenge for managers and industry experts.
Hence, the main mission of Sarooyeh is to help the customers to fulfill their requirements, by procuring their demands from reliable resources and also to suggest sufficient technical support while using the products. As well as procuring their demands from reliable resources, Sarooyeh makes use of technical knowledge of the supplier’s specialists in order to furnish customers with the highest quality services.
Sarooyeh is the exclusive and official representative of French company named CONDAT for supply of fire resistance hydraulic fluids and special greases in steel and aluminum industries in Iran.
In addition to that, Sarooyeh is exclusive and official representative of Italian company called Fratelli Ricci for supply of various types of steel cold rolling oils, detergents of skin pass, protective oils and the chemicals for surface treatment of steel sheets in color coating lines (CCL) and continuous galvanizing lines (CGL) production units; and also the additives of lubricants for aluminum rolling And the hydraulic fluids compatible with aluminum rolling is available in range of Fratelli Ricci products.