Cold Rolling Oils

Rolling of metal is a process by which the thickness of the metal is reduced to the desired level by means of rotating rolls in a mill.
The following figure shows the rolling process as a simple model. The sheet to be rolled runs at the speed v1 into the roll gap of the rolls turning at a peripheral speed v3. During this operation the thickness of the sheet is reduced from s1 to s2.
The technique of the metal rolling largely depends up on the materials processed, equipment used and the operating conditions which also necessitate the use of the wide range of rolling fluids with properties varying according to the type of the metal and condition of rolling.
Cold Rolling oils refer to a special class of lubricants utilized in cold mill processing of sheet, in order to controlling the friction between rolls and sheet and also removing the Rolls «heat up» produced during rolling process. 
These products are typically mixtures of synthetic hydrocarbons and additives and applied in emulsion form, greatly facilitate the reduction of the strip in that they considerably reduce the rolling forces required for deformation.